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Assembly support and hanger system of underground pipe gallery

April 23, 2020

Henan Electric Power Boda Technology Co.,Ltd.

To promote the construction of comprehensive pipe gallery is to improve the level of urban fine management, ensure the safe operation of underground pipelines, and make intensive use of underground space. It will also help our city to build a resource-saving society and improve the quality of urban functions. 

Guided by the demand for equipment in the field of clean energy development and new energy substitution, Boda has optimized the power supply structure and realized the urgent problems of energy conservation and consumption reduction. It has established a power supply business department and continuously developed and manufactured power grid construction equipment.

The Assembly support and hanger system of underground pipe gallery is one of our new infrastructure business.

The underground cable is laid in the pipe gallery or cable trench, which needs to be fixed with cable bracket. At present, the traditional cable support in the market generally adopts the following two forms: Traditional welding bracket, Composite support.

There are some defects in the above two forms: The quality and appearance of the support are greatly affected by the welder's operation level. It needs to be welded by hand. There is a potential safety hazard and it is easy to damage the cable support. The bearing capacity is lower than the metal support. It is easy to break after 2-3 years of installation.

In view of the problems existing in the traditional welding cable support and composite material support, our company has developed and designed the fabricated cable support.

The prefabricated cable support is mainly composed of embedded trough and cable support arm. When pouring concrete for pipe gallery construction, the embedded groove shall be installed in the pipe gallery wall

The prefabricated cable support adopts the installation method of embedded groove, so there is no work such as drilling holes on the pipe gallery wall to damage the original structure, which is convenient for installation and reliable for connection. It is very convenient to adjust the position of the installed bracket arm and add a new bracket arm. It greatly improves work efficiency and reduces economic cost.