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BODA Charging Station

April 02, 2020

New Infrastructure Projects

Henan Electric Power Boda Technology Co.,Ltd.


China will invest more to upgrade the country's infrastructure projects in such fields as charging piles, ultra-high-voltage grids and intercity transit systems. 

A priority of the infrastructure plan is to build more charging stations for electric vehicles. There were 1.22 million charging piles in China as of December. The number of electric vehicles was about 3.4 times as many as charging piles-far from meeting the target of parity for e-vehicle and charging pile numbers.

According to the website of SASAC, in the next four years, China Southern Power Grid will invest 25.1 billion yuan to build charging facilities, build 150 large-scale centralized charging stations and 380000 charging piles, more than 10 times of the existing number. It is estimated that about 200 billion yuan will be invested in power grid construction, components and equipment manufacturing, operation and maintenance, vehicle sales and after-sales service and other related industries.

The inflection point of State Grid charging pile bidding will benefit the equipment manufacturers directly

Driven by the new infrastructure and subsidies, the demand for charging pile construction is expected to increase, and the state grid or the main force of this round of charging pile construction.

In response to the call of the state and driven by the new infrastructure and subsidies, BODA established a new energy business department, which actively developed and devoted itself to the research of charging piles and new infrastructure.