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Laser obstacle removal applicated on power line transmission maintenance

April 14, 2020

Henan Electric Power Boda Technology Co.,Ltd.

Henan Electric Power Boda Technology Co.,Ltd.

At the second half of last year,BODA developed the laser obstacle removal as power line transmission maintenance sectors.The application of this products is cut and remove the foreign matters at high altitude on or around powerline by to shooting controllable laser, realize electrization, remote and non-contact operation, it is powerful safety and fast.

It is applicable to remove non-metallic foreign matters in overhead lines. Such as chemical fiber and plastic non-metallic materials such as kites, kite lines, advertising cloth, sunshade net, agricultural plastic film and so on covered by accidents on the electrified transmission line, It can also be used for cutting trees, branches and clearing wasp's nest in a long distance (within 300m), with high efficiency and safety.